<<<< Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) >>>>


The Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) is one of the three services included in the Central Secretariat Service. The Service was constituted along with the Central Secretariat Service during the year 1951 but its Rules were framed later and came into force on November 1, 1962. 


2.     The CSCS is meant for staffing the clerical cadres of the central secretariat and its participating Attached Offices.  The CSCS has two grades. The pay scales prescribed for each grades are as follows:  



Scale of  Pay


Upper Division Clerks

Rs. 4000-100-6000


Lower Division Clerks 

Rs. 3050-70-3950-80-4590



3.            The cadre of CSCS was restructured in the ratio of 60:40 i.1. 60 LDCs and 40 UDCs in 1978-79, which was further, revised to 50:50 w.e.f April, 1994.


4.     The Government with the approval of the Cabinet had decided in October, 2003 to abolish 85% of the posts falling vacant on or after 3.10.2003 meant for Direct Recruitment in the grade of LDC of CSCS.  The said decision was taken after considering the recommendations of the Committee of Officers on Cadre Restructuring of CSS.