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Deputation of CSS Officers

Under the provisions of Central Secretariat Service (Reorganization & Reinforcement) Scheme (issued by Shri R.A. Gopalaswami on 19th July 1948), a CSS Officer was required to render his services other than Duty Post either in Central Service Class-I or Provincial Government (now State Govt.) for a period of three years when he/she became eligible for appointment to Grade II (now called Section Officer). The post on which CSS Officer was deputed, was so chosen as to enable the Officer widen his outlook and enrich his experience and made him better fitted for holding a Duty Post of Category A or a post borne on the cadre of a higher service in the Secretariat.


The CSS Officers have experience of in-house and they lack the field experience. With the above idea and to give exposure to the CSS Officers, a three months’ deputation during the in-service training programme of Section Officers before their promotion to the next Grade (Under Secretary of CSS) has been devised and they are being sent to various States of India. Under this Scheme member of CSS get an opportunity to have first hand information about ground realities in the States.  Though the participant under goes training only in one State but as a part of training module other participants of the group share their experience about state training. This helps the participants to broaden their understanding.


Deputation under the Central Staffing Scheme


The Central Staffing Scheme was introduced through Government of India Resolution No. F. 34 (3)-E.O/57 dated 17th October, 1957, which was subsequently published in Gazette of India on 26.10.1957. The scheme was introduced with clear-cut intention to provide systematic arrangement for manning senior administrative posts at the Centre of and above the rank of Deputy Secretary. Subsequently, the Central Secretariat Service Rule was enacted in 1962. At present eligible CSS Officers are considered for the posts of Joint Secretary under Central Staffing Scheme.


Deputation of CSS Officers other than Government or a Private Body


Under Rule 6(2)(ii) of IAS(Cadre) Rules, it has been provided that an IAS Officer may be deputed for service under an international organization, an autonomous body not controlled by the Government, or a private body, by the Central Government in consultation with the State Government on whose cadre she/he is borne. The posts and organizations that are covered under the said Rule include – (i) UN Organizations; (ii) International Financial Institutions like World Bank, IMF, ADB etc.; (iii) Multilateral organizations of which India is a member like IAEA, WTO, Commonwealth Organization, International Court of Justice, SAARC etc.; (iv) Bilateral Bodies set up under the Vienna Convention, i.e. Embassies and Bodies set up under them, like USAID, DFID, NORAD etc; and (v) International NGOs or Funding Organizations from which India receives technical/financial assistance like International Red Cross Society, Action Aid, Aga Khan Foundation, Ford Foundation etc.


To give experience and exposure to CSS Officers, the Government have agreed in principle to extend such arrangement as it has been given to IAS Officers under Rule 6(2)(ii). Such exposure may contribute the growth of organizations on the one hand and on the other, it would help in enriching the experience and broadening the outlook of CSS Officers.  Further modalities in this regard are being worked out and will be given a final shape in due course.